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TeraLea ® Miniature Pinschers
Bred for Conformation and Good Temperament
We Strive to produce the best

Congratulations on your purchase of a Registered Miniature Pinscher We hope you are pleased. Please take your puppy to the Veterinarian of your choice within 72 hours of taking possession.

We at Teralea produce Quality Miniature Pinschers of good temperament and conformation, adhering to the breed standard. All our Miniature Pinschers are raised in our home with us. And are well socialized and some even a little love spoiled.

We participate in 4-H with the local children. All  Miniature Pinschers sold, come with a guarantee, for both health and happiness.

  1. For All dogs sold, New Owners to Sign a CKC Non-Breed agreement.
  2. All pet stock dogs to be spayed or Neutered.
  3. Failure to abide by the CKC non-breeding contract will result in a $1,000.00 fine.

Sole Ownership of Pet Min Pin

Seller is selling dog outright to buyer. Seller will provide Buyer with CKC Registration papers upon completion of sale, payment in Full, and fulfillment of any contractual obligations as stated in this contract.


The purchaser agrees that sterilization is part of the requirement to complete the purchase of said dog. Therefore this sales transaction will only be deemed complete upon presentation to the breeder of proof of sterilization by way of a veterinarian certificate identifying said dog by its tattoo number.  Until such time, said dog’s registration paper will remain in the name of the breeder __________________________.

The purchase price of the puppy/dog will be agreed upon. To be paid before delivery of the puppy/dog. Additional Charges: for Shipping and/or crates and/or ear cropping to be paid for in advance, prior to procedure. All monies to be paid prior to Puppy leaving my possession.

Dual Ownership On Show Potential Min Pin

All Show Potential animals will be sold on a Dual Ownership, Sole Ownership will revert to new Owner after a Canadian Championship is attained

All Show/breeding quality males the breeder reserves the right to breeding to a bitch of the breeders choice.

All Show quality dogs/bitches must be shown to their Championship and attain the age of (2) years prior to being bred and must be bred to an approved stud dog, not necessarily owned by the breeder.

No Show Quality bitch is to be bred before her 2nd birthday. and without attaining her Canadian Championship without express permission from the breeder.


The Seller guarantees the following:

  1. The puppy/dog is having a recent Patella and health check by a veterinarian. All health records to be given with puppy/dog.
  2. The puppy/dog will be free from any known genetic problems.
  3. The show prospect puppy/dog shall be free from disqualifying show faults at maturity.
  4. The breed quality puppy/dog to the best of the Seller’s knowledge shall not be sterile at the time of purchase.
  5. The pet quality puppy/dog is warranted only for the purpose of being a companion pet.
  6. Seller will refund if not 100% satisfied within the first 30days or replace with puppy of equal value at earliest time one becomes available
  7. Buyer will buy back for the purchase price minus non-refundable deposit, transfer fee, freight, any other applicable charges if puppy returned within 3 months
  8. If puppy/Dog is found to be unsatisfactory later in life, and buyer has to sell the dog/puppy for any reason. the breeder is to be notified prior to sale and will either buy the puppy/dog back at an agreed upon price or assist the owner in placing the dog in a proper environment.

Return Policy

It is understood that the breeder will take back/or replace (as soon as possible) puppy/dog if the purchaser is not 100% satisfied.

Buyer must contact the breeder prior to any sale of the above mentioned puppy/dog.

Breeder agrees to purchase dog back for original price minus the non-refundable deposit transfer fee, freight and any other applicable charges for a period of three months. 

NO puppy/dog is to end up in any type animal shelter (such as the SPCA, Pound etc.)

Buyer To Receive

  1. Health Certificate
  2. CKC Papers on completion of contract
  3. Pedigree
  4. Training (depending on age as to how much).

Rule for Buyer –

Puppy is to expect

  1. To be WELL LOVED
  2. Not to be locked outside for long lengths of time.
  3. Never to be hit.
  4. Buyer agrees to provide comfortable and humane confinement, including proper food and water, a fenced play area, (dog will not be chained or tied), yearly booster shots, and all other veterinary care.
  5. Al breeding/Show stock must have attained its Championship prior to breeding.
  6. A copy of the Championship certificate is to be sent to the breeder.
  7. Championship picture to be sent to the breeder.
  8. Purchaser is asked to remember these are my babies too, I like to keep track of their progress, please send little notes and pictures. So I can see how he/she is doing.
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Myrna Keyser

Keremeos, BC Canada

Home Phone: (250)-499-0071

Cell Phone: (778) 855-3059




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